Man-wildlife conflict rising in Assam, speeding trains kills 4 elephants

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The man-wildlife conflict has increased drastically in recent months in Assam. The scale of this conflict has increased manifold, mainly due to constant shrinking of forest cover, high rate of human population growth, encroachment into carnivore habitat areas, and erosion of the predators’ natural prey base. In last 10 months, 42 wild elephants, 23 rhinos, 22 leopards and 4 Royal Bengal tiger died in Assam. Meanwhile, 45 people lost their lives in Assam in elephant attacks. Thousands of hectors of croplands were destroyed by elephants in recent times. A wild elephant dies after a speeding train hit a herd at Rangjuli in Goalpara district of Assam on Tuesday. Another one was injured in the incident. On Monday, three wild elephants, including two pregnant females, were killed by a speeding train at Hojai district in Assam. One of the elephants was a 4-year-old female, while 2 others were pregnant. One of them aborted a fetus after the accident and we found a 4-month-old fetus inside the other while conducting post mortem, a forest department officer said. Dibrugarh-bound Vivek Express hit the herd of elephants that was trying to cross over to the other side of the tracks in the dark. The train was moving at a very fast pace despite the area being frequented by wild elephants in recent weeks in search of food, local people alleged.
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