Assam: From India to Britain, Makhela Chador goes global !

by - 6:09 PM

The beauty of the Assamese traditional attire, Makhela Chador was yet again taken to new heights on Saturday when Priyanka Chopra visited Guwahati on December 24 wearing a Makhela Chador selected by Assam’s very own fashion Designer Sanjukta Dutta from Nagaon. She was in the city to be officially announced as the brand ambassador of Assam Tourism.

Born in Nagaon district of Assam, Sanjukta did her Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Assam Engineering College and went on to work as an Assistant Engineer in Assam PWD for 10 years before devoting herself into the field of fashion designing.

#ALSOREAD- From an engineer to a fashion designer, Sanjukta Dutta has made Northeast proud

The designer has also earned laurels for designing a special Muga Angavastram for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge besides various other Bollywood actresses and models who have also donned her designs.

She was seen expressing her delight on facebook on December 24 as saying, ” What else u need…..when she loved mekhela chador so much that she took all the three options i selected for her .m so happy….thank you so much PRIYANKA” , with this picture:

Earlier, Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu was also seen donning a Makhela Chador


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