Assam gets set to celebrate Rongali Bihu

by - 3:51 PM

©Pratidintime As the Assembly polls in upper Assam districts is over, the people are gearing up to celebrate the Rongali Bihu festival on Sunday. Preparations are in full swing across the state to celebrate one of the biggest festivals of Assam which marks the New Year calendar of the Assamese society. Over a thousand Bihu Sanmilans will be organized with various cultural events to celebrate the festival across the State. April is the month of festivity for Assamese people. Bohag or Rongali Bihu marks the advent of spring and the entire state dances to the tunes of music and merry making. It is the biggest festival for Assamese society and the celebration beginning from April 14 continues for almost a month. Rongali Bihu (also called Bohag Bihu) marks the start of the Assamese new year and the onset of spring. In upper Assam constituencies, election was held on April 4. So, people in these areas got plenty of time to make arrangements to welcome the Assamese New Year on April 14. Lower Assam, including Guwahati, which will vote on April 11, might to have work harder on time-management to carry on poll and Bihu preparations simultaneously.

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