BJP vows to resolve State ethnic issues.

by - 9:26 AM

32090_121440041229861_3804733_n.jpg Holding the Congress responsible for the crisis and unrest affecting the indigenous people of the State, the BJP, Assam, has asserted that it would resolve the long-drawn tribal conflict, including the Bodo issue, if voted to power. It also said that the issue of granting of tribal status to the six agitating communities would require a well-thought-out political resolution. BJP State president Sarbananda Sonowal said in a statement that the indigenous populace of the State had been suffering due to the wilful wrongs committed by the Congress for decades. “The indigenous people have formed the greater Assamese race through the process of assimilation of language and culture. But the Congress, in its bid to further its narrow political interests, has been trying to destroy the age-old bond of bonhomie and brotherhood among the people,” he said. Sonowal added that the BJP was committed to resolving all the contentious tribal issues through dialogue and in a manner that would help all the diverse groups to prosper and flourish keeping intact their own identities. “The Congress has been neglecting the tribal people over a long period of time, pushing the State’s national life into grave danger in the process…The BJP is committed to redressing the genuine grievances of the Bodo community arising out of decades of deceit and neglect by the Congress. We will take every indigenous group into confidence while hammering out a lasting solution to the contentious tribal issues,” he said. Asserting that the BJP believed in peaceful coexistence while resolving the crisis engulfing the State and its people, Sonowal said that the misrule of the Congress, which was interested more in safeguarding its illegal Bangladeshi vote bank rather than the security and well-being of the indigenous people, had been at the root of most of the problems plaguing the State. source :assamtribuneonline

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