Leopard loose in Uttar Pra town, schools and colleges.

by - 10:45 AM

leopard_meerut360.jpg A leopard on the loose has sparked a s all schools and colleges today in Meerut in Uttar less than two hours from Delhi. The animal, which is believed to have strayed fr on the edge of Meerut's rural area, is being hunt yesterday. A massive contingent of police and th quick rescue team could not stop it from escapin hospital where it had been locked in for hours. The leopard was first spotted in Meerut's canton on Sunday morning. Stunned people started run and the police even had to use batons to try and crowd. Six people including a photographer were hurt in commotion. When the police reportedly fired a s air, the leopard jumped on rooftops and walls til hospital. The animal walked into a ward where five patien admitted. The hospital staff managed to take th out and lock the leopard in. Almost the entire day, a crowd waited outside th keeping vigil as the animal tried to escape throu It finally jumped out, injuring two men, and vani The hospital is not far from a reserved forest ar Sunday, there was no expert available to catch t said the police. Teams have now been called fro Rajasthan. Most shops in the Cantonment area are also clo the scare. Meerut administration officials say wild cats hav known to stray into settlements from the thick f nearby. via: NDTV

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