Twitter revamps desktop website, gives it a mobile look , San Francisco, January 14, 2014

by - 12:19 PM

dbe24126-1aa4-4b8d-9aec-31929940d777CineTwitter revamped its desktop webpages on Monday to better mirror the experience of visiting the popular one-to-many text messaging service on smartphones. The change comes as people increasingly take to visiting online social networks and other online venues from mobile devices instead of laptop or desktop computers. "We're now rolling out a refreshed http:// reflecting the look and feel of our iOS and Android apps," the San Francisco- based company said in a message fired off at Twitter. Modifications to were mostly cosmetic, with no new tools or features added. Profile pictures and background art were moved to the upper left side, where a box makes it more convenient to compose and tweet messages. Twitter users were also invited to personalise the new profile pages with accent colors.

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