Telangana to open Pandora’s Box in Assam.

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GUWAHATI, July 30 – Creation of separate
state of Telangana will open a Pandora’s Box
in Assam as different ethnic groups have
threatened to intensify movement for creation
of separate states immediately after creation
of Telangana.
Meanwhile, the security agencies are also
apprehensive that the overall law-and-order
situation might be affected because of the
movements for separate states by different
The All Bodo Students’ Union (ABSU) has
threatened to launch a “vigorous mass
movement” for creation of a separate State of
Bodoland, while the All Koch Rajbongshi
Students’ Union has also demanded creation
of separate state of Kamatapur. The Executive
council of the Bodoland Territorial Council
(BTC) has also adopted a resolution to
demand for creation of a separate state.
The Deputy Chief of the BTC, Khampa
Borgoyari told The Assam Tribune that when
the accord for creation of the BTC under the
Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India
was signed, the Government of India had
asserted that there was no policy for creation
of new states. “But now the Government is
going to create a new state of Telangana and
there is no reason why the Bodo people should
be deprived,” he added. He said that the
Government should have a uniform policy all
over the country regarding creation of new
A delegation of the Bodoland People’s Front
(BPF), which is ruling the BTC, has left for
New Delhi today to meet the Prime Minister,
Union Home Minister and UPA chairperson
Sonia Gandhi to put pressure for creation of a
separate state of Bodoland in the line of
creation of Telangana. The team is headed by
BTC Chief Hagrama Mahilary. The BPF is also
planning to state a demonstration in New
Delhi during the ensuring Monsoon session of
the Parliament.
The president of the All Bodo Students’ Union
(ABSU), Promode Boro sounded a note of
warning saying that the Central Government
would be solely responsible if the entire North
East region is cut off because of the
movement for creation of separate state of
Bodoland. “We did not call for any bandh in
the last 12 years but we will now be forced to
launch a mass movement because of the
discriminatory attitude of the Government of
India,” he said.
Boro said that after creation of Chattisgarh,
Jharkhand and Uttarakhand, the Government
of India had declared that no new state would
be created. But without even forming a state
reorganization commission, the Government is
planning to create Telangana by
discriminating the others. “We are citizens of
India and the Government must protect our
constitutional and political rights,” he
The All Koch Rajbongshi Students’ Union
president Biswajit Roy said that the UPA
government at the Centre is adopting a
discriminatory attitude only for political gains
of the ruling party. He said that they
welcomed the process to create Telangana but
at the same time, “we are opposed to
discriminatory attitude by the Government.”
Roy asserted that the Government must create
a separate state of Kamatapur comprising 15
districts of Assam and six of West Bengal in
the lines of Telangana. He pointed out that
the Centre adopted a totally discriminatory
attitude by starting the process of creating
Telangana even without forming a state
reorganization commission.
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