NASA, ISRO likely to develop satellite.

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BANGALORE, July 29 – US space agency NASA
and India’s premier space agency ISRO are in
talks for jointly building a satellite for the first
time, reports PTI.
“Now, there is a feasibility study going on
whether we can jointly make a satellite, with
synthetic aperture radar (SAR) payloads
working on two frequency bands - L-band and
S-band”, Chairman of Indian Space Research
Organisation (ISRO) K Radhakrishnan told PTI
Charles F Bolden Jr., Administrator of National
Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
of United States, visited the Space
Applications Centre (SAC) of ISRO in
Ahmedabad on June 25.
He had a meeting with Radhakrishnan, also
Secretary, Department of Space, along with
senior officials of ISRO to discuss the ongoing
cooperative activities between ISRO and NASA
and also the potential areas of future
“...The joint satellite mission is an important
step. It’s not making an instrument and
plugging it actually. It’s working together.
That’s what we are discussing.”

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