iPhone 5S Coming on September 6th? .

by - 6:14 AM

The latest to do the rounds of rumours
surrounding Apple's newest flagship product
iPhone 5S is its launch date, which is
speculated to be September 6.
According to Huffington Post, the iPhone 5S
may be just over a month away as estimated
by a German blog iFun and if true it would
mean that the latest iPhone will hit the market
earlier than previous versions.
It was speculated that the reason for delay in
the launch of iPhone was the manufacturer's
decision to shift to bigger screen sizes as
compared to the current 4-inch display.
Although, there hasn't been any confirmation
regarding the matter from the company's side,
the German blog stated that 'two new device
types' are expected, referring to the varied
screen sizes, the report added. ANI

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