Demands for separate states gain momentum in Assam.

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GUWAHATI, July 31 – With the Congress
starting the process of creating a separate
State of Telangana, different organisations of
the Bodoland Territorial Autonomous Districts
area (BTAD) have threatened to launch mass
movements for creation of separate states
and additional security forces have already
been rushed to the BTAD area to keep the
situation under control.
The All Bodo Students’ Union (ABSU) has
already announced a series of agitations to
put pressure on the Government to create a
separate state of Bodoland, while the leaders
of the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) have
rushed to New Delhi to meet the Prime
Minister and the Union Home Minister to put
pressure on them to create a separate state.
Apart from the organisations representing the
Bodo groups, the organisations representing
the Koch Rajbongshi community have launched
movements for a separate state of Kamatapur.
Parts of the proposed Kamatapur state include
areas which are also demanded by the Bodo
groups. It is learnt that a number of Adivashi
groups have joined hands to form a common
platform to demand creation of a separate
Adivashi land.
Inspector General of Police in charge of the
BTAD, GP Singh told The Assam Tribune that
the possibility of deterioration of the law-and-
order situation in the BTAD area because of
the agitations to be launched by different
organizations cannot be ruled out. He said
that additional forces have already been
rushed to the BTAD area to keep the situation
under control and more forces are likely to
arrive soon. He said that detailed assessments
of force requirements have been sent to the
Assam Police headquarters and additional
assessments would be sent whenever
Singh said that so far all the organizations
have promised to launch democratic
movements and “we have to develop
intelligence gathering and see how the
situation unfolds. The police and security
forces will have to act according to the
situation as it is difficult to assess how the
situation will unfold in the days to come,” he
Assam tribune online

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